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Refocused Discipleship and Church Enrichment

Culture is changing. People are changing. What once were givens are no longer so, but this does not mean the church should stop being the church. The Church of the Nazarene has at its core the themes Christian, Holiness, and Missional. These point to our fundamental desire for people to be disciples of Christ. An important question to ask ourselves is: If the ways and forms that we once used to create disciples are waning what forms do we need to pursue? The goal of the church is to help lead people into a way of living that mirrors the model of Christ. The Good News message of the Gospels will remain the same and the methods will have to adapt and change based on the world around us.

Initiative Goals:

  • Revitalize the laity of the church through intentional discipleship that challenges the "professionalized" approach to ministry. The church is at its best when each member is equipped and empowered to do ministry. We cannot only rely on clergy to do the work of disciple making. 

  • Creative partnerships: the size of a congregation is not the deciding factor for making disciples. Smaller churches often have less resources and ask more of each member than larger churches, so we need to find ways to partner churches and ministries with one another and with external entities to help with the ministry of disciple making. 

  • Missional outreach: a church of disciples is commissioned to go into the world. Each Nazarene church, therefore, needs resources, training, equipping and support to discover what their unique niche is in their particular community. The church is a place but it is also a movement of people who are living/working outside that place. We need to return to the missional mindset of our denomination founders who saw it as their call to go to the places where there were no churches, to befriend the neglected and overlooked, and to love those deemed unloveable by society. 

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