Upcoming Events

Teen Camp

August 1-6

Combined 789 and Senior High camps this year!

Back-to-School Bash

September 10


@Auburn Naz

cost $10 (includes lunch)

wear comfortable clothes and shoes!

Fall Retreat

October 7-10 

@Camp Lamoka

Cost $155 students

$130 Adults

+$20 for paintball (optional)

Archery Tag
Canoes and Paddle Boats
Low Ropes Course
Arts and Crafts

NYC 2023!

Your Adventure starts here!

Group of Friends

Upstate NY NYI




In Evangelism, we are called to BE God’s light in the dark and ignored places of our world. We are to BE a faithful example of God’s unconditional love. In BEING in Christ and BEING with others, we allow the Holy Spirit to work through our lives and we trust God with the results.

Through Discipleship, we journey together with other believers as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus. As we DO life together, we learn what it means to talk together, serve together, sacrifice together, fall and get back up together. We DO the hard work of becoming more like our Savior, living surrendered lives in community.

In Leadership Development, we challenge and empower youth and their leaders to GO out into their communities as models of Christ’s servant leadership. We cannot afford to wait until we think we know enough; we must GO now, learning along the way.

NYI logo: Be Go Do

Our Team

Noelle Eichenberger, President

Heather Brown, Vice president

Joshua Cameron, Secretary

Trisha Smith, Treasurer

Junior High Reps

Bridget G. & Marianna R.

Senior High Reps

 Samuel D. & Elijah L.

Young Adult

Abreana M. & Jessica W.

Back to School Bash Director


NYC Coordinator

Carey Dunlop

Senior HigH Camp Director

Christa Long Jamison

Fall Retreat

Noelle Eichenberger

Festival of Life Director

Heather Brown

Teen Quizzing Directors

Doug Braun & Aubrey Lyon

Young Adult Retreat Director


Upcoming Event

Festival of Life

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